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Thanks to made-to-measure prostheses, knee pain is no longer an issue

Yesterday I played tennis, today golf. Knee pain is not an issue.

The Knee Joint, Anatomy and Function

The uniqueness of the knee joint is fantastic. One who recognizes the unbelievably high variability of the knee joint, understands the concept of the made-to-measure 3D Printer prosthesis.

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  • A Success Story

    Heinz Neuhaus is a wine producer and wine trader and one of our satisfied patients.
    Learn how he returned to his desired quality of life, thanks to a made-to-measure artificial knee joint.

  • Episealer, the custom made mini-implant

    Thanks to the successful implantation of mini-prosthesis the patient now is able again to enjoy his activities like walking with his dog and cycling.

  • What’s the Advantage of Personalized 3D Knee Prostheses?

    New personalized 3D Printer implants lower the risk of complications related to knee prostheses. Do the new made-to-measure prostheses deliver what they promise?

  • Article about Knee Prostheses

    An article about knee prostheses produced by a 3D Printer was in the Swiss Illustrated magazine on 02. December, 2019. Followed by use in the automobile industry, the 3D printer is now being used in medicine. New possibilities are becoming available, especially for people with knee arthritis: made-to-measure, individual joint replacements with extensive bone retention.

  • Knee Prosthesis, Information for the Patient

    The brochure, “Knee prosthesis, Information for the Patient”, includes comprehensive information about the knee operation process.

  • A Radiographic Image tells a lot – but not everything

    For example, it does not reveal how functional a patient really is in daily life after an operation. Or how the patient feels. Exactly these aspects can be measured by Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS).

  • Knee Prosthesis from the 3D Printer

    A blog entry from Hirslanden Klinik Birshof about made-to-measure knee prostheses from the 3D-Printer.

  • Patient Satisfaction Study

    As the doctor, in the consultation with you, it is impossible in one discussion to gain an overview of the outcome results of each technique used in the operation. Surgeons have the natural tendency to mainly recall the good results of their own work: “Nothing ruins good results like follow up” (M. Gross, 1993). Therefore, objective data makes sense. What can be more objective than the report which you yourself give to the treatment team? When long term results are to be tracked, recording of “patient reported outcome measures” (PROMS) is, for the organizing practice, especially time consuming. Regardless, this project is important to Praxis LEONARDO because it reflects the achieved result from the perspective of the patient and leads to reliable information related to therapy success. Participation in this study is of course voluntary. Fortunately, to date, approximately 80% of our patients agreed to complete a total of six scientifically validated questionnaires, over the course of five years. This high participation rate gives considerable weight to this very good result.

  • Various PDF – Data to Download

    Learn more about made-to-measure artificial knee joints.